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Influence and Innovation

Build your influence and inspire innovation with

Turn soft skills into hard assets and leadership competencies.


The Six Leadership Conversations

How to have six leadership conversations that will increase your influence and the impact you have on others

Business Writing for Results

How to write persuasive and compelling business communications that get read

Assert Yourself 

How to express yourself more confidently and clearly — for women, immigrants and introverts

Feedback is Your Friend

How to invite 360° feedback to be more effective and enhance your career

Coaching for Performance 

How to make a difference at work with exceptional performance coaching and providing feedback

The Art of Mentoring

How to foster personal and professional development in another person using powerful tools and skills of empowerment

The Persuasive Presenter

How to get clear about your message, build your confidence, present like a professional and get amazing results

The Best Candidate Wins

How to pitch your core value, respond to interview questions with professional proof and negotiate your package

Communications Skills & Tools for Managers

How to connect the dots between the organization’s vision and strategic priorities and be a credible and effective communicator

Strategies for Building Resilience

Integrating practices of resilience and personal well-being


The Ideas Engine

How to implement an innovation framework and build the future on employee ideas using the Seven Stages of Innovation™

The Innovator at Work

How to help employees develop their best ideas to improve or revolutionize processes, efficiencies, services and save money

Build your influence and inspire innovation with


At team Possibil we help you build your influence and inspire innovation at work. That’s it.


Our method of coaching, consulting and competency-building always combines short theory bursts with real-life applications. We help you transform so-called soft skills into hard assets and leadership competencies.


Our approach is a blend of:

1- Being instructive as a Learning Advisor by incorporating the art of storytelling and teaching that leads to insight and a call to action; and
2- Being curious as a Motivational Coach with deep listening and inquiry that leads to insight and a call to action

Why work with us?

INFLUENCE – We’ll help you build your influence by introducing you to seven leadership conversations that make a difference and get you measurable results.

INNOVATION – We’ll help you build the future on employee ideas by introducing you to seven stages of innovation to increase your effectiveness and strategic advantage.

Our influence and innovation programs

We are known for our:

  • Engaging coaching and classroom processes
  • Proven learning methodologies
  • Transferable concepts and models
  • Action and result-oriented emphasis
  • Blended-learning approach with our competency-building programs
  • High standards of facilitation, coaching and consulting
  • Customized program approach to meet your needs
  • Emphasis on follow-up and feedback to embed learning
  • Professional consulting, coaching and competency-building approach
  • Focus on two primal drivers – influence and innovation

Competencies: communication | influencing | coaching | innovation
These Leadership Programs are based out of Vancouver, Canada

The Pulse

Education events and interviews The Pulse

The Art of Mentoring

Exploring possibility in relationship

Mentoring is a commitment to bring out the best in the other person. It calls forth new possibilities through the flow of meaning in relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

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