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Building Influence. Inspiring Innovation.

INFLUENCING - We help you build your influence and have the necessary conversations of leadership by introducing you to proven practices and tools that get you real results.
INNOVATION - Your people have the best ideas and we're passionate about helping you inspire innovation at work by leveraging the ideas of your employees to increase your effectiveness and strategic advantage.

"Dwell in possibility . . ."
-Emily Dickinson

Communication Competencies

Possibil - Communication Competencies - Influence. Innovation.

Your organization is only as healthy as the quality of the conversations that take place. Learn how to have the necessary conversations of leadership. Sign up for our dynamic programs: The Effective Communicator, The Business Report Writer, The Customer Collaborator.

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Coaching Competencies

Possibil - Coaching Competencies - Influence. Innovation.

Our integrated coaching helps you build your influence. Coach for performance and how to tell stories that create meaning, momentum and money at work. Sign up for our dynamic programs: The Influential Leader, The Strategic Storyteller, The Motivational Coach.

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Influencing Competencies

Possibil - Influencing Competencies - Influence. Innovation.

As a leader you need to build your influence, engage people authentically to inspire action and get results. Sign up for our dynamic programs: The Persuasive Presenter, The Social Media Influencer, The Effective Professional, The Best Candidate Wins.

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Innovation Competencies

Possibil - Innovation Competencies - Influence. Innovation.

Improve your strategic advantage by leveraging the ideas of your employees. We guide you through a process for re-inventing your future, increasing customer value and improving profitability. Sign up for our dynamic programs: The Innovator at Work, The Ideas Engine.

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Google+Build influence by having the necessary conversations of leadership. Inspire innovation by leveraging employee ideas.By Dene Rossouw

About us

Possibil specialises in influencing solutions and employee innovation.

Our influencing practice helps you develop expertise in three leadership competencies - communication, coaching and influencing.

Our innovation practice helps leaders be more innovative by inspiring employee innovation and operates from the premise that employees have the best ideas.

Influencers & Innovators

Persuasive Presenter

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"It was an awesome course! I was a non-believer. I kind of accepted that there's no hope for me and you've changed that. I guess it was also because I felt your sincerity in really helping your students overcome challenges and not just delivering the course for the heck of it. This makes a lot of difference for students like me."
Lulu Bersamira
CGA student
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