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Empowerment programs for leaders on the go
Deborah Rossouw
The Learn at Lunch Empowerment Programs are facilitated by Deborah Rossouw. A compelling speaker, trainer and intuitive coach, she draws on more than 25 years of front-line and middle management development.

Her passion is to teach foundational life skills that enable others to reduce stress, manage their emotions and have more empowering and productive conversations.

Deborah draws from a depth of experience in people management and leadership development, with a special focus on assertiveness training, stress management and coaching. She has worked with staff, managers and leaders across a variety of industries in Africa, Canada and Kuwait.

Deborah holds a post-graduate Degree in Organizational Psychology. She is a certified Integral Life Coach, through New Ventures West in San Francisco, and she also holds a certificate in WEL-Systems NLP at the Master Practitioner level, as well as certificates in Boundary Work and Inner Child Work.

The Effective Communicator

Be Stress Wise

Recognize and successfully reduce stress in your life

Delivering a talk, meeting deadlines, dealing with tough customers and doing your performance review are examples of short-term stress. Dealing with difficult people or experiencing constant change are forms of long-term or chronic stress. You need to know how to recognize and successfully manage these forms of stress at work.

This interactive and highly informative session will enable you to take proactive action using a proven strategy to reduce your stress.
Download the Learn at Lunch brochure.

You will:
•    Understand the causes and nature of stress
•    Discover the body-mind relationship to stress
•    Explore the symptoms and impacts of stress
•    Understand how men and women differ in their response to stress
•    Learn how to use a proven strategy to reduce your stress in minutes

Enquire about our full skill-building program to equip individuals to better manage their energy and emotions during times of stress.

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Be Assertive

Stand up for yourself under pressure

Whether you need to deal with difficult colleagues or clients, or give constructive criticism, this dynamic, interactive seminar provides one proven technique plus one powerful strategy to equip you to be more assertive and give constructive criticism more effectively.
Download the Learn at Lunch brochure.

You will:

•    Distinguish the four styles of communication
•    Understand the impacts of each style on you and others
•    Learn about three pillars of assertiveness
•    Explore your assertive rights
•    Learn a proven technique to disagree politely and assertively
•    Explore the do’s and don’ts and learn a strategy for constructive criticism

Enquire about our full skill-building program to equip individuals to be assertive under pressure.

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The Effective Professional

Resolve Conflict

Reduce hostility and preserve relationships

Conflict often arises as a result of misunderstandings and unspoken expectations. This seminar will provide a simple yet powerful tool to help you shift the conflict towards resolution and preserve relationships.
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You will:
•    Understand the nature of conflict
•    Identify your sources of conflict
•    Discover the one thing that may be keeping you stuck in conflict
•    Learn a simple tool to shift from hostility to understanding
•    Apply this foundational tool to your own situation

Enquire about our full skill-building conflict resolution program to equip individuals to resolve conflict effectively.

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Radical Self Care

Radical Self Care

Strategies for greater work-life harmony for all professionals

As a hard-working professional, do you tend to go beyond the call of duty? Do you typically work long hours with little time to rejuvenate? Setting aside or ignoring your own needs, if unchecked, can result in stress or burnout and a life out of balance – putting a strain on you, your family and the organization you serve.
Download the Learn at Lunch brochure.

You will:
• Learn how to identify the difference between high and low stress in your life
• Assess your current level of stress
• Learn the first step in the CALM© Process
• Learn how to use a powerful mind-calming strategy when multiple demands occur
• Understand the importance of radical self care for you
• Learn about the Radical Self Care Map

Enquire about our customized coaching program for individuals to fully integrate the CALM Process and the Radical Self Care Map for improved work-life harmony.

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The Pulse

Education events and interviews The Pulse

The Art of Mentoring

Exploring possibility in relationship

Mentoring is a commitment to bring out the best in the other person. It calls forth new possibilities through the flow of meaning in relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

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