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The Innovator at Work

How to help employees develop their best ideas to improve or revolutionize processes, efficiencies, services and save money

Your colleagues and employees see the daily impact of your organization’s services to your customers from various perspectives. As a result, they often have the best innovative ideas on how to improve service, save money, reduce waste and increase efficiencies.

Yet they seldom have the channels, confidence and personal power and a supportive process to put their ideas forward for analysis and action. You’d be surprised how many employees within your organization have ideas that can improve or revolutionize processes, efficiencies, services and save money.

You’d be surprised how many employees within your organization have ideas that can improve or revolutionize processes, efficiencies, services and save money.

Innovation partners
After the Design Day or “Designathon” — see below, HR and the Innovation Sponsors (SMT) will help pair up Innovators with their Champions (coaches). The Champion provides coaching support — to encourage, challenge and coach the Innovator towards tangible outcomes — the ultimate design and delivery of their ideas to the organization. The Sponsor provides logistical, financial and networking support.

It is important to arrange a fit between the Innovator and his or her Champion.

Ideally, the Innovators and their Champions should be in constant dialogue as the Innovators begin the process of developing and testing prototypes of selected ideas.

Significant soft skills and competencies can be developed and fine-tuned as a result of the innovation development process and the relationship between HR, the Sponsor, the Champion and the Innovator.

The Innovator at Work™ is an essential component of The Ideas Engine program and has three elements:

    1. The 7-Step Framework for Innovationa 3-hr orientation program for selected managers who will serve as innovation champions and support their innovators at work through the innovation process
    2. The Design Day or “Designathon” 1.5-day innovation design day (includes pre-work) that will guide employee innovators — innovators at work — who have compelling ideas through an experiential and learning process where they will have an opportunity to:
      • Clarify, refine and pitch their own innovative and revolutionary ideas and
      • Receive encouragement and feedback on their innovative ideas from their innovation champions, innovation sponsors and decision-makers within the organisation.
    3. The Innovation Summita 1.5-hr presentation and celebration at the end of each year of all the innovative ideas that have been supported, developed and integrated or delivered to stakeholders and customers.

The Innovator at Work™ will help you leverage employee ideas to get a real ROI — a Return On Ideas — that will help the organization embrace the future, increase customer value and improve cost-efficiencies.

Aim — The Innovator at Work

Objectives of the Innovator at Work

The 7-Stage Framework for Innovation


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Competencies: communication | persuasion | influencing | innovation | leadership
The Innovator at Work Program is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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