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The Ideas Engine

How to implement an innovation framework and build the future on employee ideas using the Seven Stages of Innovation™

After studying masters of organizational innovation for over 10 years, authors Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove and Kent Lineback identified three key activities that truly innovative organizations like Pixar are able to do well.

“First, the people and groups in them do collaborative problem solving, which we call creative abrasion. Second, they try things and learn by discovery, demonstrating creative agility. Third, they create new and better solutions because they integrate existing ideas in unanticipated ways, practicing creative resolution.

The Ideas EngineFramework is a methodology that includes all three activities – creative abrasion, creative agility and creative resolution.

It is a highly effective Rapid Prototyping Methodology, that accommodates incremental, evolutionary and radical innovation. The Ideas EngineFramework  is built around Seven Stages of Innovation™ that focuses on leveraging employee ideas to get a real Return On Ideas [ROI].

The Seven Stages of Innovation™ is a staged process for building the future, increasing stakeholder value, and improving efficiencies and profitability.

Learn how to implement the Seven Stages of Innovation™ to leverage employee ideas, re-invent your future and significantly improve your strategic advantage.

A key part of the Seven Stages of Innovation™ is the Design Day — a 1.5-day innovation design day (includes pre-work) that will encourage Innovators at Work to surface and design solutions in response to signals in the marketplace, pain points at work, powerful ideas and customer stories.

The Design Day or “Designathon” will guide these employee intrapreneurs and innovators — the Innovators at Work — who have compelling ideas through an experiential and learning process where they will have an opportunity to:

  • Clarify, refine and pitch their own innovative and revolutionary ideas and
  • Receive encouragement and feedback on their innovative ideas from their innovation champions, innovation sponsors and decision-makers within the organisation.

The Ideas Engine Framework helps to turn the innovative intelligence of your employees into strategies, recommendations and proposals that ultimately lead to more customer value, increased differentiation and improved profitability.

The innovation partners, employees, the organization and stakeholders can and will experience significant benefits as a result of a sustained and consistent commitment to innovation. The purpose is to drive value to the organization by leveraging the ideas of your Innovators at Work.

Program duration – 4-12 months

The 7-Stage Framework for Innovation


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Competencies: communication | persuasion | influencing | innovation | leadership
The Ideas Engine Program is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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