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Feedback is Your Friend

How to invite 360° feedback to be more effective and enhance your career

Feedback is Your Friend

The focus of Feedback is Your Friend is on how to invite 360° feedback to be more effective and enhance your career.

Conducting performance reviews takes time — the writing of reviews and giving feedback — and can be extremely stressful for the manager and his or her employees. These performance reviews are often one-sided, as a year’s performance of an individual is viewed through the lens of a busy manager.

One-sided performance reviews are also subject to bias. Feedback is Your Friend helps to counteract perception bias with a pro-active approach — inviting 360° feedback to gain insights, interrupting non-productive behaviours and integrating new behaviours into all activities at work.

The information you gain from this pro-active approach, your subsequent actions and the endorsement of colleagues help to balance and contribute towards a more realistic perspective of your performance when your annual review comes round.

Individuals often struggle to know where they need to grow in order to move up to the next level. One of the best strategies for aspiring leaders to rise through the ranks in organizations is to create a personal board of directors — individuals who can help you uncover your blind spots, provide specific feedback by seeing you in action, and, in some situations, advocate for you. They can help you navigate tumultuous political waters, provide you with insight on a regular basis that can inform the ways you work and think, and even change the minds of your toughest critics.
Sabina Nawaz ~ HBR

The more your colleagues and your boss see that you are serious about taking action based on their feedback, the more feedback you will receive.
They way you engage with them will help them feel comfortable giving you specific feedback on your growth areas and areas that you are doing great.

Feedback is Your Friend is a 6-hour program consisting of two 3-hr sessions a few weeks apart. It aligns with and complements our other programs: The Necessary Conversations of Leadership and Coaching for Performance and Professional Development

Feedback is Your Friend helps you:

1— Follow a systematic process learn how to use our From Growth to Great feedback tool to invite and document 360° feedback — the From Growth to Great™ feedback tool is based on the work of Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. It is constructed around adopting a growth mindset and aims at getting to specifics using two main questions on each feedback topic that inspire action and encourage growth;
2— See yourself how others see you — develop your social EQ and your competence for deep listening, by hearing what your colleagues, employees and manager or supervisor are really saying;
2— Break non-productive behaviours and defensive routines — learn how to use our 3i Process™ — Insight, Interrupt, Integrate to take ownership of new behaviours;
3— Engage in a transformational learning process — assess your strengths prior to and after inviting feedback using our LENS Strengths Finder™. Learn how to use our career REMAP™ tool to make an informed decision about your job, position or career within your current organization (or with another organization).
4— Expand your horizons of possibility — create an action plan and set goals based on the feedback you received. Take ownership of new behaviours using the 3i Process™ and build out your goals and actions using our GREAT Outcomes™ grid for expanding your horizons of possibility, improving your performance and career at work.
Feedback is Your Friend is an  experiential growth program provides plenty of opportunities to gain insights based on feedback and to make professional development and career adjustments and improvements.

Feedback is Your Friend requires 1.5 hrs of pre-work. The workbook includes all the tools, templates and examples to enable you to invite 360° feedback at work.
An EQ — Emotional Intelligence assessment for all participants is an additional pre-work option and can be arranged on request.

Program duration — 6-hour program consisting of two 3-hr sessions a few weeks apart

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Competencies: communication | persuasion | influencing | coaching
Feedback is Your Friend is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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