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Essential Communications Skills & Tools for Managers

How to connect the dots between the organization’s vision and strategic priorities and be a credible and effective communicator


All managers, directors, supervisors — anyone who needs to communicate with and influence others — keen to enhance their skills to improve communication with their teams, other departments and leadership.


Employees look to their managers for consistent, clear and credible communication to make sense of what’s going on in the workplace. Managers are the “meat in the communication sandwich:” they are expected to connect the dots between the organization’s vision and strategic priorities for their staff — sharing information, answering questions, listening to and acting on their suggestions. It’s a tall order.

As the role of “manager as key communicator” is so critical to inspire and motivate others, this program is designed with your unique challenges and opportunities in mind.
This is an interactive workshop where you will hone and practice your communication skills —with the help of templates, tools, feedback and just-in-time coaching.


  • Have a deeper insight into your own communication style, its impact and know how to adjust it to inspire others and influence results
  • Know the difference between normal and necessary conversations and how to integrate them into your management toolkit
  • Recognize and overcome various barriers to communication
  • Understand how to use deep listening and empathy as a powerful leadership asset
  • Be comfortable inviting and accepting feedback
  • Understand both the upsides and downsides of the corporate grapevine and rumours – and how to manage both
  • Know the difference between various communication channels and confidently select the appropriate one for the message and audience
  • Recognize non-verbal communication cues and understand their impact
  • Know how to use your authentic voice to communicate with just about anyone

This is a highly practical, hands-on program. You should come to the workshop prepared to raise your communication skills to the next level.


1.5 days


Tracey Wimperly and Dene Rossouw

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Competencies: strategy | communication | persuasion | influencing | leadership
Essential Communications Skills and Tools for Managers is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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