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Business Writing for Results

How to write persuasive and compelling business communication that gets read

Does your business writing stand out – in a good way? When you are trying to pitch an idea or influence a decision, is your writing persuasive and clear? Are your thoughts and ideas well organized?

The most compelling business documents are those that start with a clear purpose and continue in a logical flow. Reports, proposals and even emails that get read are those that consider the reader(s), getting them into the right frame of mind through proper tone and accessible language. Your readers are more likely to take action when you write to express, not impress.

Business Writing for Results program is for anyone who wants to communicate more persuasively and effectively. Available as a one, one-and-a-half or two-day offering, the workshop will provide you with highly practical techniques, resources and templates to make the task of writing easier and faster. You’ll come away with skills that will help you get noticed for the right reasons.

Business Writing for Results program is highly experiential and provides participants with opportunities to:

  • Practise writing reports, proposals and emails more efficiently and effectively;
  • Incorporate proposal and report writing tips and principles into their toolbox;
  • Conduct audience analyses and structure content aligned with the objective;
  • Use professional business grammar that is clear and concise; and
  • Adapt report writing principles for email and social media communication.

Each participant will receive a workbook and learning aids that they can use during and after the program. The workbook includes templates, models and just-in-time job aids.

I emailed you today to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated the session yesterday – you exceeded my expectations.
You both have a great presentation style and the day went by faster than some of our half day modules.
I really look forward to putting all of this into practice.
Neil Scott
Cultural Production Coordinator
City of Surrey

Program duration – available as a 1-day or 2-day program

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Competencies: communication | persuasion | influencing | business report writing
The Business Writer & The Business Report Writing workshop is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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