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Strategies for Building Resilience

Integrating practices of resilience and personal well-being

Strategies for Building Resilience

Leaders who work in high stress situations need to feel valued for what they do. These leaders often manage staff who work on the front-line and are continually impacted by stress, violence, crime, trauma, adversity and sickness.

Staff rely on the EDGE that their leaders bring to their jobs every day, expecting them to provide strategic direction as well as emotional encouragement and support to their teams. For a leader, staying fresh and finding his or her EDGE is a vital art that needs to be developed and sustained.

These daily demands can increase levels of stress, sap energy and add hidden pressures that make work-life integration tough to manage.

Helped me to blatantly define my intended path and why I need to follow my purpose. Thank you for a wonderful day.
Kim Gramlich
Victim Services Coordinator
Delta Police Victim Services

Strategies for Building Resilience is wrapped around 4 practices known as EDGE – Energy, Dialogue, Growth and Excellence and follows an integrative approach – integrative comes from the Latin; integrātus – to renew, restore, make things whole. Thus the objective of the program is for leaders to explore practical tools and strategies that contribute to each participant feeling valued, congruent, energized and focused.

Who is this program for?

  1. Business, non-profit and volunteer leaders who work under frequent levels of stress
  2. Doctors, counselors and coaches supporting others;
  3. Leaders who provide emotional support to others – eg. leaders involved in palliative care, victim services;
  4. Anyone in a leadership capacity who has to deal with the daily demands of a high-pressure job

Program duration – 1 day

Pre-program outline

Program outline


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Competencies: resilience | communication | persuasion | influencing | well-being
Strategies for Building Resilience is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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