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Assert yourself

Assert yourself – for women, immigrants and introverts

Being Assertive

  • Do you struggle to give or receive constructive feedback?
  • Do you say ‘Yes’ to requests, when you want to say ‘No’?
  • Do you struggle to express your ideas with confidence in English?
  • Do you give in when confronted by difficult colleagues, clients or bosses with strong personalities?
  • Do you struggle to respond with confidence during meetings?

Whether you need to deal with difficult colleagues, clients or family members, this dynamic and highly interactive Assert Yourself program will equip you with knowledge, skills and tools to express yourself more skillfully.

Assertive communication helps to reduce misunderstanding. It also improves the quality of your relationships – with your colleagues, clients, boss, partner, parents, teens and friends.

If you said “Yes, that’s me,” you can benefit from the Assert Yourself program

When you want to:

  • Express yourself more confidently and clearly
  • Be taken seriously
  • Stand your ground, with dignity and integrity
  • Set limits and say ‘No’ respectfully and firmly
  • Respond appropriately to criticism – without caving in or lashing out
  • Find and express your true voice
  • Give and receive constructive feedback more effectively
  • Make effective requests, to things get done right, the first time
  • Feel more empowered

This program will equip you with proven strategies and skills to achieve all of the above!

Great course! I wish all employees here could take this program, as I found it extremely helpful and identified areas that I need to change in my communication both in business and personal relationships. Very professional presenter with great material!
Mike Grubb
Compliance Approver
Maritime Life

You will:

  • Understand the four styles of communication and their impacts
  • Understand the power differential of each style and its outcome
  • Enhance your ability to express your wants, needs, concerns and perceptions
  • Understand your assertiveness rights
  • Apply two conditions to operate your assertiveness rights properly
  • Learn how to shift back to assertiveness if you or others have crossed the line to aggressive communication
  • Understand & apply the three foundational elements of effective communication
  • Practice giving & receiving constructive feedback, effectively
  • Practice how to say ‘No’ respectfully and firmly
  • Practice using the five assertiveness skills in your own situation

This highly experiential program provides plenty of opportunities to build your confidence.

The Assert Yourself program requires 1.5 hrs of pre-work. The workbook includes all the tools, templates and examples to enable you to assert yourself at work and home.


  • 1 Day – foundational program with selected skill focus
  • 2 Days – foundational program includes all skills with additional
    modules and skill building


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Competencies: communication | persuasion | influencing | conflict resolution & management
The Assert Yourself program is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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