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The Necessary Conversations of Leadership

How to have four necessary conversations that will increase your influence and the impact you have on others

The Necessary Conversations of Leadership focuses on building essential competencies to help you as a leader have necessary, crucial and conflict conversations at work.

In order to align with our client’s other programs, this program is also known as The Crucial Conversations of Leadership and The Effective Communicator. The content is the same.

The Necessary Conversations of Leadership program consists of five parts:

1- The Essential Conversations — develop your competence for deep listening by getting to the driving interests; use a powerful tool for providing feedback to staff and colleagues;
2- The Necessary Conversations — develop your Authentic Voice to communicate clearly and help minimize misunderstandings; learn to use an effective three-step process to help others take ownership of responsibilities;
3- The Crucial Conversations — develop your confidence to use your Authentic Voice when having crucial conversations. Learn how to effectively engage others as thinking partners in meaningful, results-oriented conversations, and learn to influence without authority;
4- The Conflict Conversations — learn about two tools for having a tough conflict conversation and a disciplinary conversation. These tools enable better outcomes and more successful conclusions.
5- Theory and application — understand and manage power differentials at work, the impact of inferences and the importance of getting to why. Gain insight to your own and the other person’s personality preferences.

Using your Authentic Voice tool will build your confidence to have real dialogue without damage to relationships.

Dene’s conflict resolution workshop had a profound influence on how I address conflict and I often refer to his handouts prior to entering into potentially difficult conversations or situations.
Lesley Pritchard
Manager, Media Relations and Issues Management
Provincial Health Services Authority

This highly experiential program provides plenty of opportunities to build your confidence having necessary and crucial conversations.

The Necessary Conversations of Leadership requires 1.5 hrs of pre-work. The workbook includes all the tools, templates and examples to enable necessary and crucial conversations at work.

Program duration – 1/2 day or 1 day

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Competencies: communication | persuasion | influencing | conflict resolution & management
The Necessary Conversations of Leadership Program is based out of Vancouver, Canada

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