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The Art of Mentoring

Exploring possibility in relationship

The Art of MentoringToday’s workplace is a mix of cultures, generations and perspectives. Mentoring is a powerful professional development and empowerment process that bridges these gaps and creates meaningful engagement and momentum at work.

Mentoring is a developmental partnership. It’s a mutual commitment to bring out the best in the other person. It calls forth new possibilities through the flow of meaning in relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

Both the mentor and the mentee lean towards a possible instead of a predictable future – the mentor shares knowledge, skills and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of the mentee, and the mentee takes full ownership of the opportunity and drives the process to a successful outcome.

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The Four Influencing Competencies for Leaders

How to influence and innovate at work

The 4 Influencing Competencies_x200What drives success in the workplace is not so much your qualifications and knowledge as the relationships you build and keep.

If you have a sense of urgency to increase your influence and improve the strategic advantage and fitness of your organization, we have identified four essential influencing competencies that can help you inspire action and get results.

Authentic conversations are fundamental to influencing others and sustaining great relationships at work.

What seems so simple can be difficult to do consistently. Zaffron and Logan, co-authors of The three laws of performance, contend that an organization is its network of conversations. Thus an organization is only as healthy as its conversations.

This program can be customised for your organization.

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A Complicated Love

Coming out as a parent

What happens when a father hears that his son is gay and begins to confront his own demons about homosexuality? What happens when the father and the son go on a road trip, each with his own agenda, and they place an audio recorder on the dash of the van?

A Complicated Love is the result of those conversations and coming out as a parent – tense, tearful, painful and cathartic. It’s about the fears, taboos and judgments that the author had, as he was eventually compelled to come out on behalf of his son – authentically, from religion and as a parent.

Invite me to speak to your organization, book club, church group or local library. A Complicated Love is a true story about my relationship and the road trip conversations I had with Jared, my son. You will be exposed to the fears, taboos and judgments that I had about gay people and the steps I took to understand and engage with him. I hope I will inspire you to create your own path towards engaging meaningfully with your daughter or son or anyone who happens to be gay or straight.
This program can be customised for your organization

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The Pulse

The Pulse

The 7 Leadership Practices

An essential toolkit for inspiring action and getting results

One of the real measures of your success as a leader is your ability to listen, to engage and influence others and to have the necessary conversations of leadership. In addition, you need to be mindful that every interaction you have is an investment of your time and expertise. You should expect a reasonable and measureable Return On Influence (ROI) for each conversation you have – with colleagues, board members, line managers, employees and clients.
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