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Why Choose

Why Choose

We specialize in influencing and innovative solutions. We help you have the necessary conversations of leadership and help you innovate by leveraging the power of employee ideas.


Return On Engagement [ROE] and a Return On Ideas [ROI]

We help you get a real Return On Engagement [ROE] and a real Return On Ideas [ROI].

1. We helpyou innovate by leveraging employee ideas – and
2. We help you create more meaning, momentum and money at work with


The 3 Influencing Competencies

We help you be a better PresenterCommunicator and Coach at work [the 3 influencing competencies]. Our other Customized Programs are highly interactive and designed to help you influence, and engage your audiences, stakeholders, colleagues and customers more effectively.


Motivational coaching at work

From a coaching perspective, our approach is centred aroundthree questions: how you See yourself, how you Sell yourself and how you Serve others – the SucceSS Influencing approach.



Our approach is Integrative. Integrative comes from the Latin; integrātus – to renew, restore, make things whole. We help you be a better Presenter, Communicator, Innovator and Coach at work.


Authentic dialogue

Authentic conversations are fundamental to creating and sustaining great relationships at work. What seems so simple can be difficult to do consistently. Zaffron and Logan, co-authors of The three laws of performance, contend that an organization is its network of conversations. An organization is only as healthy as its conversations. Authentic conversations are the critical link to creating and sustaining an engaged workforce.



Our programs:

  • Are highly interactive – we specialize in helping our clients learn by doing. Real plays are integral to every program
  • Are customizable to meet your needs and can be adapted to the culture of your organization
  • Incorporate new thinking and practices from thought leaders around the world
  • Are conducted by experts who have a balance of theory and praxis in the field of Influencing@Work
  • Are result and outcomes focused with practical tools for use in the workplace
  • Cost efficient and depending on the outcomes required, can be adapted to 3hr, 4hr or full day programs
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[tagline]Influencing Solutions That Work[/tagline] Consulting Inc. is a consulting company that specializes in helping you as a leader get a better return on engagement.

We introduce you to tools and skills that help you engage your audiences, stakeholders, colleagues and customers more effectively.


Dene Rossouw is the co-founder of, a coaching and consulting practice with an emphasis on Dialogue@Work – Breakthrough Presentation, Influencing and Coaching Solutions.

He is the Past President of the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University.

Dene is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and has the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

He has a degree in Theology from the University of South Africa.

The Ideas Engine™ is for intrapreneurs and emerging thought leaders on how to incubate new ideas that have the potential to create better customer value and competitive advantage.
The Ideas Engine™ program is designed for organizations that value innovation and entrepreneurism. Offered as a 1.5 day workshop, attendees are guided through a highly experiential process, where they surface and test innovative ideas that have the potential to benefit the organization.

The Ideas Engine

The Influential Leader™is an integrative coaching program that helps leaders develop and perfect the nine essential competencies of an integrative leader. The adjective Integrative comes from the Latin; integrātus – to renew, restore, make things whole. Thus an integrative leader is well grounded, authentic, congruent and focused.
The Influential Leader

What happens when a father hears that his son is gay and begins to confront his own demons about homosexuality? What happens when the father and the son go on a road trip, each with his own agenda, and they place an audio recorder on the dash of the van? A Complicated Love is the result of those conversations – tense, tearful, painful and cathartic.
A Complicated Love

The Pulse

Education events and interviews The Pulse

The Art of Mentoring

Exploring possibility in relationship

Mentoring is a commitment to bring out the best in the other person. It calls forth new possibilities through the flow of meaning in relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

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