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The 4 Influencing Competencies for Leaders

1 – The Persuasive Presenter™

The Persuasive Presenter will provide you with essential tools and practice to structure a persuasive presentation. You will learn how to incorporate stories, anecdotes and metaphors in order to present your topic clearly and with confidence. You will learn practical tips on body language and how to manage fear and engage your audiences.

The Persuasive Presenter and Storyteller

Stories illustrate how leaders overcame challenges, made good business decisions and delighted clients. They make sense of the “why” of the business and reinforce its business strategy and mission.

The skills you learn on this program will help you in your career and help build your confidence in presenting your work, research and ideas to various stakeholders.

This program is a lot of fun! Come prepared to boost your presentation and storytelling skills by getting focused on what excites you as you learn to articulate and present your topic clearly and with confidence.

The program can be customized for your organization

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2 – The Effective Communicator™

The Effective Communicator™ focuses on the necessary conversations of leadership – to manage conflict, to effectively engage and persuade others and to influence without authority.

The Effective Communicator and Conflict ResolverPart 1 of this program is based on practicing your unique Conversational Signature, your Conversational Rhythm and your Conversational Harmony so as to have pro-active conversations that don’t have sides. You will practice deep listening in a business context using ECO Empathy a powerful empathy tool and learn to listen to understand and say what you need to say with care and candour.

If you manage people and deal with customers it’s likely you’ll be faced at some point with a difficult or challenging conversation. Part 2 of this program will  help you to push back and have tough conversations with less stress and more success. The program provides opportunities to have real Dialogue Without Damage and to LEAD conflict and tough conversations to successful conclusions.
This program can be customized for your organization

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3 – The Innovator at Work™

The Innovator at WorkOften, it’s the employees on the front line – those who see the daily impact of the organization’s processes, ‘products’ and services on the customer – who have the innovative ideas.

The Innovator at Work™ program helps you as a leader understand the bigger innovation picture – how the 7° Degrees of Innovation™ process can leverage employee ideas to get an ongoing and real Return On Ideas [ROI].

The 7° Degrees of Innovation™ process provides a framework for you as a leader to guide ‘Innovation Champions’ through a highly experiential process, where they surface, articulate, refine and defend their innovative ideas and includes a 1-day rapid prototyping innovation incubator workshop.
The program can be customized for your organization

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4 – The Motivational Coach™

Masterful Coach

The Motivational Coach™ is a program for leaders that includes three essential tools to coach and to give and receive feedback. The program will have a profound impact on employee performance.

The Motivational Coach™ program helps you as a coach to initiate a shift in employees from feeling disempowered to being empowered using the principles of authentic engagement and accountability. It’s highly experiential and will give you lots of opportunity to practise having purposeful, proactive coaching conversations.
You will be introduced to three essential tools to coach and to give and receive feedback. Skills rehearsals will build your confidence and enhance your ability to handle all types of challenging coaching conversations.
The program can be customized for your organization

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The Pulse

The Pulse

The 7 Leadership Practices

An essential toolkit for inspiring action and getting results

One of the real measures of your success as a leader is your ability to listen, to engage and influence others and to have the necessary conversations of leadership. In addition, you need to be mindful that every interaction you have is an investment of your time and expertise. You should expect a reasonable and measureable Return On Influence (ROI) for each conversation you have – with colleagues, board members, line managers, employees and clients.
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