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Innovators at Work

Steve Thorp – Success is doing your research and being passionate

Steve Thorp

Steve Thorp is the co-founder of Vancouver Urban Winery and FreshTap.
Wine-on-tap offers the evolution of drinking quality wine by the glass. Until now, wine-by-the glass selections have remained limited because of the high financial risk of spoiled wine due to oxidation. Not any longer!
Listen to Steve as he talks about how he and his partner came upon the idea of FreshTap, the processes they followed and obstacles they overcame to build a viable business with huge growth potential.

Lisa von Sturmer – Turning an idea into a credible business

Lisa  von Sturmer

Lisa von Sturmer talks about how she got the idea for her business, how she transitioned from an idea to actually launching her business and how she is turning it into a profitable enterprize. She encourages innovators to not wait until the idea is perfect before launching but at the same time to create a separate income stream while the nuts and bolts of the business are being worked out.

Lisa von Sturmer is the Founder and CEO of Growing City, North America’s first and only premium office composting service. Her company makes it easy for any business to reduce their waste by up to 50%, overnight.

Ted Lau – Rituals for innovation

Ted Lau

Ted Lau, CEO of Ballistic Arts, a digital design studio based in Vancouver, discusses practical rituals of alignment that keep his team focused on creative and innovative outcomes. Central to the growth of Ballistic Arts are the rituals of daily, weekly and quarterly checking-in sessions that keep everyone focused and engaged. Innovation is a result of everyone living the five values of the company and engaging in the rituals of innovation and high performance.

Doug Downing – Choke points and skeet shooting

Doug Downing

This interview focuses on how Doug Downing, Vice President, Planning at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia identifies opportunities, new approaches and ideas and how he overcomes barriers.

He encourages innovators to build relationships and find the sweet spot that finely balances risk and the need for ongoing innovation.

The Pulse

The Pulse

The 7 Leadership Practices

An essential toolkit for inspiring action and getting results

One of the real measures of your success as a leader is your ability to listen, to engage and influence others and to have the necessary conversations of leadership. In addition, you need to be mindful that every interaction you have is an investment of your time and expertise. You should expect a reasonable and measureable Return On Influence (ROI) for each conversation you have – with colleagues, board members, line managers, employees and clients.
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