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Influencers at Work

Lauryn Oates

One of Canada’s leading advocates for educational reform in Afghanistan

Lauryn Oates

Lauryn Oates, one of our influencers at work, is a human rights activist focused on education in conflict zones. It was in 1996 that, at age 14, Lauryn read a newspaper article describing the new regime in Afghanistan called the Taliban, and their treatment of women and girls. She wrote up a petition demanding that the world respond to the Taliban’s misogynist policies, and has continued this work ever since, working in close partnership with a variety of Afghan women’s organizations and international charities.

Lauryn is currently Projects Director with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, managing education projects including in-service teacher training, village libraries, adult literacy classes, an orphanage, schools and training programs. Lauryn is a fierce proponent of the universalism of human rights, and frequently speaks out against cultural relativism and for global citizenship in the Canadian and international media.

Lauryn is the recipient of several awards and distinctions, including the 2000 Chatelaine Women of the Year and the 2001 National Post/L’Oréal Canada Women of Influence. She holds a BA in international development (McGill University), an MA in human security (Royal Roads University) and a PhD in education (University of British Columbia). In 2008, The Globe & Mail named Lauryn as the first of Ten Canadians to Watch in 2009. She has called Vancouver, Montreal and New York home, but now divides her time between Canada’s west coast and Kabul.

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Kate Reid

Musician, Songwriter, Educator

Kate Reid

This audio-visual documentary features Kate Reid. Kate is a gifted musician and songwriter, educator and a Person of Influence.

Kate Reid, an influencer at work, continues to build her audience by touring across the country and down in the US. And, she’ll be unapologetically flying the flag whether performing for large festival audiences, in clubs, house concerts or Pride events across the country.

Says Reid, “I definitely like shaking up opinions and perceptions. And yet, it seems that my lyrics resonate with people from all walks of life, because the songs aren’t really about being queer, they are about being human.

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Brian Fraser and Jazzthink

JazzThink – Learning SMARTer communication from jazz musicians

Brian Fraser

Brian Fraser, an influencer at work, has been provoking people for almost a decade to identify the lessons about teamwork that can be learnt from jazz musicians. He’s kept a record of their answers to the question of what qualities of great teamwork do they see in a jazz performance.

He’s used that wisdom as the basis for his ongoing research into the dynamics of productive teamwork.

Brian uses the acronym SMARTer to help people remember the kinds of conversations that generate productive teamwork. SMARTer conversations greatly improve performance in building productive teams.

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The Pulse

The Pulse

The 7 Leadership Practices

An essential toolkit for inspiring action and getting results

One of the real measures of your success as a leader is your ability to listen, to engage and influence others and to have the necessary conversations of leadership. In addition, you need to be mindful that every interaction you have is an investment of your time and expertise. You should expect a reasonable and measureable Return On Influence (ROI) for each conversation you have – with colleagues, board members, line managers, employees and clients.
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