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The Persuasive Presenter

Read accolades specifically about The Persuasive Presenter Program and also comments and accolades from CGA Students about the Persuasive Presenter Program.
The next Persuasive Presenter Program is 13th Dec at the Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver.

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I am taking the Provincial Instructor Diploma through Vancouver Community College. Today we were asked to think about an instructor that had inspired us. I thought about Dene Rossouw – the words that came to mind were “articulate, funny, open, clear, passionate, congruent, authentic and knowledgeable”.

Sieglinde Malmberg
HR in Your Pocket

Loved the workshop. It was a very organic process that allowed us to grow into our confidence without “putting us on the spot.” Very well done. I look forward to taking a refresher from Dene. This program is very well suited to CGA students.

Nicole Gutowski
CGA student – see more comments from CGA Students about the Persuasive Presenter Program
Finance Director
Kluane First Nation

It was an awesome course! I was a non-believer. I kind of accepted that there’s no hope for me and you’ve changed that. I guess it was also because I felt your sincerity in really helping your students overcome challenges and not just delivering the course for the heck of it. This makes a lot of difference for students like me.
The course was like magic. That I was able to speak 6 times in front of a group of people in one day was a major achievement. I will always remember this day whenever I have to manage my fear of speaking in public.

Lulu Bersamira
CGA student

Finding Your EDGE

The art of staying fresh

As a speaker and thought-facilitator, Dene takes an insightful and personal approach to his presentations. His ability to explore and understand the issues and concerns of his audience is one of his signature talents and he translates it into presentations that are personal, profound and get right to the heart of the matter.
It was our privilege to have Dene provide a keynote address at CACE 2013. An advocate of high dialogue leadership, Dene’s approach to elevating communications reflects his deep understanding of the rewards and challenges of professional communications and the people who practice it.

Victoria Miles
Chair, 2013 Canadian Association of Communicators National Conference

The Effective Professional At Work

Improve Your Professional and Business Communication

Very valuable insights into professional communication – along with the tips needed to put these practical skills into practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the content.

Heather Hanson
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of British Columbia

As an arthritis researcher in training, I often find it difficult to share the key results of my work in a way that is interesting, meaningful, and memorable to various audiences without getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty details. Over the course of a fun and interactive Lunch n’ Learn, Dene changed the way I think about scientific presentations and provided practical insights on how to connect with an audience. Rather than a grocery list of facts, figures, methods, and data, Dene helped me conceptualize my research as a story with an attention-grabbing title, illustrative analogies, highlights of relevant challenges, and a key message tailored to my audience. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Dene for helping me shape the stories that will translate research results into action.

Lindsay Burns
Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM)
CATA Executive Board Member
MSc Candidate, Experimental Medicine, UBC
Research Trainee, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada

New Venture Pitching

Your input was very valued by the teams when we did the evaluations. They all had pretty good “pitches” in the end, and several teams won competitions across the continent.

Dr. Philippe Kruchten, P.Eng.
Professor, NSERC Chair in Design Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of British Columbia Vancouver

The Effective Communicator

Most useful and superbly delivered program . . . write a book on the subject! Thanks.
Magnus Gunn

I was originally sceptical, but you won me over with your sincerity and presentation. You’ve given us powerful tools.
Riley Patterson

This was one of the best afternoon lectures I have ever had! You know how to keep the group motivated and the workload was well spread. Thank you.
Arttu Varis

Great seminar – the pace was good. Dene – your humility and genuine appreciation of us was noticed. Your explanation of the core concepts and the practice was very helpful.
Judith Cowan

As a self-proffered poor communicator, all of these tools are very exciting for me. It’s the prospect of putting it into practice that is scary for me; but your very positive attitude and conviction is very encouraging.
Christopher Britton-Foster

Thanks for an awesome day yesterday. I really liked your facilitation style, it made for a great learning environment.
I left the session inspired and energized and I feel more confident and skilled to deliver wow presentations with impact.

Steve Doherty
Organizational Change Manager
City of Surrey

The Best Candidate Wins

Pitch, interview and package negotiation skills for graduates and postdocs

The feedback from The Best Candidate Wins was absolutely outstanding. This was an excellent session and we will definitely run the program again.

Hourik Khanlian, CHRP
Manager, Human Resources & Postdoctoral Affairs
University of British Columbia

Thanks a lot Dene. I really enjoyed your talk and the workshop material was really helpful for improving my career path and helping me to find my dream job!

Shirin Behyan, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of British Columbia

Thank you Dene for the wonderful day! The session was very interactive and helped me to improve my presentation in just a day! I felt comfortable even though I had to present in front of people quite a few times. Thanks!

Sandra Cárdenas, CHRP
Human Resources Advisor
City of Prince George

The Resilient Leader

Integrating practices of resilience and personal well-being

Helped to re-focus and bring me back to being on purpose. Excellent day with practical tips.

Marianne Brueckert
Program Manager, Victim Services
Hope Community Police Office

Great day – a ton of information to process and to put to good use.

Pat Jeannotte
Manager Client Support & Victim Services
RCMP, Township of Langley

Great presentation style, re-energized with some important learning and pushing us to edges to help with internalizing. Great templates and value-added. Thank you.

Rob Pineau
Victim Services Coordinator
White Rock RCMP

I realised I was on auto-pilot. I walked away with tools to use and more important, a clear path on how to go forward to use them.

Gina Albanese
Mission RCMP Client Support and Victim Services Unit

Today was an opportunity to have a reflective day, time-out to evaluate what really matters and what I need to do . . .

Mark Elson
RCMP Support Services

Helped me to blatantly define my intended path and why I need to follow my purpose. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Kim Gramlich
Victim Services Coordinator
Delta Police Victim Services

Very helpful to have common tools to use in team meetings for common issues we face as a department.

Theresa Kennedy
Interim Chief Communications Officer
Provincial Health Services Authority

Well paced course with a very friendly learning setting in small group practices throughout the day. I enjoyed it very much.

Kimmis Chow
Information Architect

Thank you for a great day. The seminar was useful and informative. I know I will use the skills I learned today.

Sarah Swanson
Manager, Purchasing
DP World (Canada) Inc.

Dene – Very grateful to you! Appreciate your experience, wisdom and insight – all offered with loving encouragement. You’ve helped me, with the assignments and workshop, to “crack a big nut” – how to sell myself.

Nathen Aswell
Performing Songwriter & Inspirational Speaker

Dene did a wonderful job facilitating our staff planning session. He was skillful in keeping us on track and brought very useful tools to help us improve our communication and teamwork.

Josh Paterson
Executive Director
BC Civil Liberties Association

Thank you for facilitating an excellent day of dialogue. This will really help our organization.

Grace Pastine
Litigation Director
BC Civil Liberties Association

A very well-balanced day. Simple, clear, effective. Nothing lagged; everything moved. Thank you!

Micheal Vonn
Policy Director
BC Civil Liberties Association

Dene, I appreciate you sharing your expertise in helping me create a signature video for my website. You were masterful at coaching me in crafting a crisp and energetic script. You were patient and kept me motivated throughout the shoot. And I am very proud of the results.

Joyanne Landers
Elephant Ears Training

Dene is an amazing facilitator. He engages, educates and lovingly encourages you out of your shell and out from the veil of fear to make you SHINE. I highly recommend this workshop [The Persuasive Presenter].

Vita Mavronicolas
Fire & Light Media Group

Had a very productive day with Dene. Really enjoyed the interaction with other participants and Dene’s enthusiasm helping everyone become successful in their own way.

Shaun Mavronicolas
Digital storyteller
Fire & Light Media Group

With your guidance, I was able to connect the dots to help me communicate better with my clients – I came with paint, brush and an idea in mind, and am now leaving with a picture in hand. Thanks and regards forever.

Venkata Syam Vadlamani
Elegant Development Inc.

The Effective Communicator and Conflict Resolver

One of the most powerful set of tools an organization can be given to improve results. Highly Effective.
Steve Troyer
CEO, Troyer Ventures
Fort St. John

Dene’s conflict resolution workshop had a profound influence on how I address conflict and I often refer to his handouts prior to entering into potentially difficult conversations or situations.

Lesley Pritchard
Manager, Media Relations and Issues Management
Provincial Health Services Authority

Extremely useful workshop. The concepts presented are universal to any conflcit situation, whether professional or personal. As a bonus, Dene was an amazing speaker, he was interesting and interactive. This workshop is highly recommended to everyone!

Darcie McNeill
Professional Forester

Great to have tools that are visual, with simple language that is easy to conceptualize. Nice to have role playing for each step. Great engagement with students with balanced mix of teaching and giving students space to learn.

Nick Reynolds
Haida Gwaii

Thank you for the workshop! I really liked how we progressed from one concept to the next. It was helpful to practice these ideas right after learning them. The scenarios and peer feedback helped me learn something about myself too.

Martina Hola
MSFM student, UBC

Really engaging and valuable workshop that can be applied to all aspects of life. I really enjoyed all the interactive scenarios. Thank you Dene!

Constance Chan
Markham, Ontario

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was engaging and realistic. I am coming away feeling like I have new skills to take into my professional life. Thanks you.

Alison Cabana-Wong
Montreal, Quebec

Thank you so much for the time you spent with our team this week. I enjoyed it very much and appreciated your approach and the tools that we were given. I can see that I will use them throughout my career.

Megan Stables, CPA, CGA
Controller, Troyer Ventures
Fort St. John

Dene’s communication program was engaging. Despite a lot of information, I remained focused and came away with key messages as well as learned what communication aspects I need to work on to manage conflict more effectively.

Jean Eagleson
London, Ontario

I came to the session feeling very sceptical. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much useful and applicable tools I learned. It was all round an enjoyable experience.

Doug Beattie
Guildford, UK

The workshop on communication and conflict resolution was very informative and interesting. Dene Rossouw was engaging and knowledgeable. I learned a lot today and look forward to putting some of these techniques into practice in my life. Thank you.

Emily Beavan
Ajax, Ontario

The Influential Leader™ Coaching Program

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Dene Rossouw did appear when I needed help. He guided me to reframe what my training practice is all about. An excellent business coach, he was very effective in asking focused, provocative questions. This was a great help to me in clarifying my unique approach to training. He is a master at simplifying, not complicating.
In an era of a coach on every corner, he stands out and embodies what a true coach is all about. When you are “ready,” Dene Rossouw will appear.

Ken Bellemare
The Bellemare Group

Improve your professional and business effectiveness

This workshop was extremely helpful in clarifying grey areas of workplace relations – i.e tips in workplace social intelligence. This is something I wish was mandatory for everyone in my workplace.

Kasia Stepien
M.Sc Candidate
University of British Columbia

The workshop was a great success and I learned many new things.

Walter Karlen, PhD
Bio-medical Engineering Research Group (BERG), Stellenbosch University, South Africa

The Social Media Influencing™ Program

We would like to thank you very much for your guidance with our storyboard for the eASI project video. We have had nothing but rave reviews and praise for our work and acknowledge that without those sessions with you Dene, we would not have been able to pull together our theme so quickly and also to convey our message to others in a manner that could be easily understood. Much appreciated!

Sharon Provost
Regional Director, Employee Engagement
Vancouver Coastal Health

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I did enter the “3-minute-thesis” competition at the University of British Columbia after completing Presentation Skills II. As a result of my performance in the semi-finals, I was invited to participate in a round-table discussion on innovation with the Governor General, his Excellency David Johnston.

And it didn’t quite end there: I delivered the final version to a group of professors and it went even better than the final. Then a week later I delivered it again to our departmental symposium. It went flawlessly – actually, better than flawlessly because I have finally figured out how to be myself, with a complete lack of nervousness up in front of an audience. I got great feedback, but more importantly, the presentation felt so natural.

I wanted to let you know how valuable Presentation Skills II was for me, and how I have translated the things I learned there to success in my schooling. I highly recommend the “3-minute-thesis” to students who go through Presentation Skills II in the future. Thank you very much for making the Presentation Skills II a learning opportunity and for encouraging me to take part in the “3-minute-thesis”!

Leah Lim
M.Sc. Candidate, Thompson Lab
Department of Microbiology & Immunology, UBC

Thanks Dene! This was a great session that helped me tighten up several elements in my presentations to make them more impactful. More is not always better, rather make it stick with stories.

Winney Chow
Trade Technologies

The Best Candidate Wins

Pitch, interview and package negotiation skills for graduates and postdocs

This workshop was very useful! Especially appreciated the class activities where we got to put the theory of the course into practice.

Erin Morgan, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Schafer Research Group
Department of Chemistry
University of British Columbia

Dene is very good at encouraging courage through explanation. His experience and expertise show every time he speaks. The day flew by. I have new skills to practise.

Barb Bluschke
Police Officer
Vancouver Police Department

This program gave me some really useful tools and techniques I hadn’t thought of previously. This will most certainly improve the impact of my presentations.

Clive Lunn, Director
Business Continuity and Risk Management

I loved the universal tools – useful for anyone in any business, all the time.

Nathan Troyer
Branch Manager, Troyer Ventures

The Social Media Influencing™ Program

I have been reviewing what we did today, and how wonderful my website looks. You are a great coach and a knowledgeable “driving instructor”. You know when to turn over the wheel, when to take it back and when to cover your eyes and not look at the road. I honestly have tears of gratitude spilling on to my keyboard. It’s the simplest thing I can say, and it comes from a heart filled with gratitude.

Sieglinde Malmberg

Thank you for working with me as my presentations coach. There is a lot that I have learned from your feedback and you gave me lots of ideas to integrate into my style as I continue to improve my teaching in the future.

Christiane A. Hoppmann, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of British Columbia

The best thing about Dene’s presentation is that he gave us valuable tools that can be immediately used in our organization.

Gary Rehmeier
IT Systems
Troyer Ventures

Very neutral, good approach with our dynamic work. The storytelling aspect is key for me. Thanks for all your handouts and preparation.

Allison Twiss
Senior Health Planner
First Nations Health Council

It was wonderful to get a chance to practice and learn how to be more effective with our presentations.
I was able to increase the effectiveness of my message. It helped me think through how to better connect with my audience. I’m looking forward to using the skills I learned!

Marc Schutzbank
Fresh Roots Urban Farm

The Influential Leader™ Coaching Program

Dene exhibited an ability to pick up on my strengths and demonstrated how I could use them to my advantage in both my career and my speaking style. It was evident through my interactions with Dene that he has a solid theoretical and practical understanding of interpersonal relations within the business environment. He taught me several frameworks that will be instrumental in overcoming personal challenges and team conflicts. Dene was very accommodating to my needs and was a pleasure to work with.

Jacob Goranson
BComm Finance
Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

Hello Dene,
This is Andrea Vasquez. I attended your workshop ‘Practice Presenting your Research.’ I was writing just to thank you for all the valuable information inluding all the tips, techniques and all the feedback that we received from the attendees and from you – thanks. I will put all I learned to use in a couple of weeks because I have to make a 15 minutes presentation about my research. Now things are much more clearer about how to do it.

Andrea Vasquez
Professional Forester
Ingeniera Forestal, Peru
Masters Candidate, Faculty of Forestry
University of British Columbia

The Best Candidate Wins

Pitch, interview and package negotiation skills for graduates and postdocs

Dene – it was useful to break down each situation into a series of steps. Especially for some women, the thought of negotiating a higher salary is intimidating. Your strategy was a valuable reminder to assess our own self-worth.

Lorna Boschman, PhD
Cancer’s Margins Postdoctoral Researcher and Project Coordinator
University of British Columbia

Thank you so much for your storytelling, enthusiasm and engagement of the students. Learning by interaction and  activities is fabulous but not often practiced as it can be challenging to facilitate. You kept the group captivated and interested.

Jacqui Brinkman, MSc
Manager, Graduate Pathways to Success Program
Faculty of Graduate Studies
University of British Columbia

Dene’s Persuasive Presenter program taught me effective ways to express my message. I feel more confident to speak to groups about my experiences and solutions for my clients.

Patricia Lalonde
Charter Member of BC Collaborative Roster
The Money Mentor

I would have liked to have had this workshop 10 years ago. Very valuable information. And I look forward to using this knowledge in future presentations.

David Lindley
Health Actions Co-ordinator, Health HR
First Nations Health Council

I just reviewed my videos and I noticed quite a few things I can work on to tell better stories.
Thanks for creating such a rich learning environment. I have never enjoyed public speaking this much.

Ann Wong
PhD / Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
University of British Columbia

On behalf of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, I’d like to thank you for spending time with the graduate students today. Your approach to helping the students with presentations is exemplary. Your expertise and your care for the learners is very evident. I’m sure I will receive many thanks for your work! We look forward to inviting you back in the future.

Elizabeth Wallace
Manager of the Graduate Pathways to Success program
Office of the Dean
University of British Columbia

The Social Media Influencing™ Program

The conversations with you really helped me to create a great website that I’m happy with. I really appreciate the way you search to understand my business and my needs in order to give me the best advice. The work you did with me made a positive impact on my business profile. The new website speaks volumes about my role as a Money Mentor because it looks professional, clear and really attractive. You taught me how to navigate in the site, you encouraged me to blog and people are showering me with positive feedback! I simply couldn’t have done this without your confident, patient guidance. Thank you so very much.

Patricia Lalonde, CFP

Complete the Conversation

This is brilliant! You really touch on the warm and fuzzy side of one’s emotions and if you’re truly going to have that conversation,
this is the way to do it – with music playing in the background and evocative colours which adds to the experience.

Karen Murray
Five Star Atlantic Ltd

The Student Biotechnology Network (SBN) had the pleasure of having Dene speak to our students at our Critical Skills for Success workshop on the topic of presentation and public speaking. It was a very enjoyable, informative and energizing evening. Dene’s extensive experience and personable approach condensed a wealth of knowledge into a short timeframe, as he had the whole room interacting with each other and practicing the public speaking skills they were learning within the first five minutes.

Everyone has a fear of public speaking to some degree. However, Dene’s infectious enthusiasm allowed all to overcome this fear as they learned to speak effectively with a point in mind and to present their ideas with confidence. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the time and effort in putting together the workshop today.

Chris Flory
Vice President
The Student Biotechnology Network

I just had the chance to type out all the feedback that I’ve gotten, and I felt very, very happy to see pages after pages of the students’ overwhelmingly positive feedback for the workshop. Many students mentioned that they wanted a more in-depth workshop in the future, and the International Peer Program would be honoured to have you back as a speaker in the near future.

Yan Xu
Student Manager-Recruitment
International Peer Program
University of British Columbia

The day helped in understanding issues that affect all our screening programs. It identified many similarities through cross-sharing of information. Dene was a great organizer in getting the information out of the groups.

Larry St Germain
BC Cancer Agency

I just want to thank you for what has become a truly useful tool in dealing with not only our clients and suppliers but with my fellow staff members.
The presentation this morning opened a dialogue so we can all work towards better understanding each other & helping us to talk with each other rather than to each other. I’ll be recommending you to every body I can because this programme is so relevant in today’s world. Again, thank you for your time, it was a great lesson in communication.

Barb Brennan

Thank you for the inspiring and informative persuasive presentations workshop. I look forward to apply what I have learned in my upcoming presentations.

Caroline R. Cloutier, P. Eng.
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering,
Clean Energy Research Centre,
University of British Columbia

I really enjoyed this course. It helped me change my perspective about my situation and how I can approach upcoming changes.
It really helped me define why I react to change the way I do and helped me to clarify and accept my feelings towards change.
You can thrive through change!

Dr Susan Moore
Postdoctoral Fellow
Vancouver Coastal Health

The Best Candidate Wins

Pitch, interview and package negotiation skills for graduates and postdocs

It was an awesome workshop today – very efficient and informative. I am planning to apply strategies that I learned today. It is really helful for people looking for jobs in industry.

Thamy Sriskandakumar, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Academic-Industrial Researcher
University of British Columbia

Your presentation, “Dialogue Opens Doors” was extremely well received by our members. Very articulate, clear and concrete – you engaged the audience by making the effort to know who the members were. This was most appreciated.

Frances McKenzie
Happen Vancouver

What I enjoyed about your presentation is that it went much more than skin deep. I was expecting some formularized method of teaching on how to present.
I was delighted to discover that you wanted us to talk from our hearts, about what really mattered to us. It was so refreshing! and I saw the others in the class relax and start to focus on what they really wanted to express, not just talking about topics that didn’t touch them.
You were part instructor, part therapist, encouraging us to bring ALL of ourselves into our speech.
I felt a huge difference in myself between the start of the day and the end of the day. The entire day was engaging, I was not bored or distracted in the least.
And you created a safe atmosphere for all of us to learn and grow.

Ann Webborn
Vancouver Coastal Health

I attended the presentation skills program workshop that you facilitated this week. It was informative and inspiring at the same time. I am now convinced that I too can deliver a Tedtalk in the future.

Ruiwei Jiang
UBC Genome Science and Technology Program

My team and I would like to say once again thanks to you and Deborah so much for volunteering your time and coming to speak at our conference, and we hope to maintain a positive professional relationship with you in the future years of miniEnterprize!
As well, we conducted a delegate survey at the end of the conference day, and we received a lot of positive feedback about your presentation. The delegates thoroughly enjoyed listening to your presentation and believed it to be useful for them in the future.

Jennifer Huang
Plenary Director | miniEnterprize Youth Entrepreneurship Conference (2010)

The use of stories will be a good way of illustrating complex topics in a culturally, sensitive way.

Megan Misovic
First Nations Health Council

Thank you for a very helpful workshop. This was a great way of learning – doing and discovering at the same time and building confidence at each step of the process. I so often find myself fading into the background because I am afraid of not doing it right! Thank you for pushing me to ‘show up’ and stop being afraid to mess up. I hope that one day you will be able to see the difference you have made for New Way Community and for me as a presenter. Thank you!

Nina Matthews
New Way Community

Hearing stories showed me how important communication between our screening centres and Head Office is.

Emily Heard
BC Cancer Agency

The Persuasive Presenter Program gave me confidence in myself and confidence in my storytelling ability. I went in nervous and left happy and had fun.

Jason Watt
New Way Community

Well Dene, I totally nailed it on Friday night!! It turned out that there was an audience of 300, not 80 like I was told. The audience was very interactive, though I was told to expect the opposite. And I noticed most of the time they were leaning forward, obviously very engaged. This went far beyond my expectations, and I received some amazing feedback. I can’t really explain the energy level in the room by the time I was finished, but I didn’t sleep all that well, I was pretty wired. This is only the beginning and I’m really excited about what is to come. Thank you again so much for all your help!

Jamie Lange
Inspirational Speaker

“Simply thrived off Dene’s passion for engaging others and resolving conflict.”

“Thanks for presenting things in such a clear way and for sharing the secrets of the holy grail.”

“Very articulate SME! Really loved this session.”

“Excellent workshop. Great dialogue and examples.”

“Very practical. You took a painful subject such as public speaking and made us feel comfortable. Fun time!”

“Your learning tools captured our office and your material was extremely relevant.”

“I was very happy to see pages after pages of overwhelmingly positive feedback after the workshop.”

“I loved your style of presenting reality-based information and how you wove in personal experiences.”

“I really enjoyed this course. It helped me change my perspective about upcoming changes.”

“This is an excellent, very practical, hands-on workshop about presenting in a real way from the heart.”

“This workshop on change was the best workshop I have ever attended!”

“Dene was a very dynamic speaker with lots of energy, enthusiasm and personal experiences.”

“I enjoyed the safe, supportive atmosphere to practise being my authentic self!”

“A most eloquent and raw expression of what it means to be human I have ever experienced.”

“Thank you for what has become a truly useful tool in dealing with our clients.”

“I now feel so much more prepared to build my conference program as well as to deliver it.”

“Without those sessions with you, we would not have been so easily understood.”

“I was dreading coming to this workshop. Dene made this workshop so enjoyable.”

“The Open Talk sessions also helped me in both professional and personal settings.”

“Very clear and concise information, will take it wherever I go in life.”

“Loved the tag team approach to better conversations. Another very relevant topic!”

“I could listen to Dene & Deb for hours. They know their craft and obviously enjoy facilitating.”

“I highly enjoyed this class. Dene is very experienced and spoke with passion which got the group involved. The role playing worked very well.”

“I like that the information and tools are practical and can be applied in all difficult conversations. The role playing helped to reinforce the tools. Very worthwhile.”

” I felt that the discussion about personal and professional boundaries was insightful and enriching.”

“I thought that this workshop was very clear, concise and useful. I liked the different types of media (video, images, whiteboard)  to help keep everybody’s attention.”

“I really enjoyed the interactive approach. It brought realness to the situations so that we were able to work through how we would handle actual conflict.”

“I truly appreciated the insights, discussion and the focus. Dene is an enthusiastic and entertaining speaker.”

“Excellent use of multimedia to reinforce core principles.”

“I found you to be an engaging and involved speaker. Nice to see lots of freewheeling dialogue and your willingness to go where the questions and comments were leading.”

“Your subliminal use of the words “lean in” provided a unifying theme.”

“The session was very engaging. I had fun with the interactions. I believe I learned a lot. Usually these classes are boring and it was kind of fun.”

“I loved the enthusiasm. Loved the participation. Everything was guided and very informative. Great job!”

“Really liked how it was very hands-on, especially the role-play situations that really allowed us to put the skills that we learned throughout the day to the test.”

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I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I did enter the “3-minute-thesis” competition at the University of British Columbia after completing Presentation Skills II. As a result of my performance in the semi-finals, I was invited … Dene Rossouw

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"It was an awesome course! I was a non-believer. I kind of accepted that there's no hope for me and you've changed that. "
Lulu Bersamira
CGA student
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