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Accolades for team Possibil

I am taking the Provincial Instructor Diploma through Vancouver Community College. Today we were asked to think about an instructor that had inspired us. I thought about Dene Rossouw – the words that came to mind were “articulate, funny, open, clear, passionate, congruent, authentic and knowledgeable”.

Sieglinde Malmberg
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Accolades – Influencing Competencies

Accolades – Communication Competencies

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The Persuasive Presenter

Read accolades specifically about The Persuasive Presenter Program and also comments and accolades from CGA Students about the Persuasive Presenter Program.
If you are a CGA or anyone wanting to radically improve the way you present, add your name to the list for our next public program – contact us.

The Pulse

The Pulse

The 7 Leadership Practices

An essential toolkit for inspiring action and getting results

One of the real measures of your success as a leader is your ability to listen, to engage and influence others and to have the necessary conversations of leadership. In addition, you need to be mindful that every interaction you have is an investment of your time and expertise. You should expect a reasonable and measureable Return On Influence (ROI) for each conversation you have – with colleagues, board members, line managers, employees and clients.
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